Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review: Bryn Greenwoods "All the Ugly and Wonderful Things."


As the daughter of a meth dealer, Wavy knows not to trust people, not even her own parents. Struggling to raise her little brother, eight-year-old Wavy is the only responsible "adult" around. She finds peace in the starry Midwestern night sky above the fields behind her house. One night everything changes when she witnesses one of her father's thugs, Kellen, a tattooed ex-con with a heart of gold, wreck his motorcycle. What follows is a powerful and shocking love story between two unlikely people that asks tough questions, reminding us of all the ugly and wonderful things that life has to offer. 


Wow! I really don't know where to begin with this review. I am so confused on what my true opinion is about everything I have absorbed from "All the Ugly and Wonderful Things." It was a story that was thought provoking and at times difficult to read. Some of the scenes left me feeling uncomfortable and unsure if I should continue, however I had heard so many amazing things about it that I felt compelled to read on. By the time I had finished my emotions were scattered and I have found it hard it make sense of the feelings that were provoked from this intriguing novel. 

"From here on out, only you. I promise."

There is no other way to describe young Wavy's life other than tragic. Her story left me devastated. I was overwhelmed with sadness and despair and those feelings only got worse the more that I progressed through the book. Not just for Wavy but for Kellen too. My heart bled for what the pair had to deal with but I was also arguing with myself over and over again about my feelings towards Kellen and his relationship with Wavy. Deep down, I knew that the majority of his actions were wrong however I thought of how grim Wavy's life was and I truly believed that there was genuine love between the pair. So much love and I found myself clinging to that love throughout the book. 

"It's not dirty if you love me as much as I love you. 
And I love you all the way."

The story of Wavy and Kellen is definitely one that pushed my comfort zone to the point, where a day later I am still feeling a little distressed by what I read but at the same time I do not regret reading the story, even though I was utterly shocked by some of the events that played out. There is no doubt that this is a unique and beautifully written story. It is one of those books that will leave you begging for someone share your feelings with afterwards. It is certainly a book that I will never forget. 

"She'd said "hold on tight," and I held on tight. 
I knew I oughta let go of her. I couldn't." 

"All the Ugly and Wonderful Things" was a wonderful love story surrounded by a whole lot of ugly. It gets 4.5 hearts from me

*I don't normally suggest this, but in this case reading the synopsis first is a must. The story does cover a sensitive subject matter. I would not recommend reading this one if you have issues with forbidden romance or taboo subjects.*

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Early Review Tour: E.K Blair's "Author Anonymous."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Early Review  Tour for E.K Blair's "Author Anonymous." 

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A TRUE STORY told through the voice of New York Times Bestselling author E.K. Blair.

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud. 

A woman marked and bound by her own deceit, this is the astounding tale of how one choice knocked her world from its axis forcing her to battle through a year of scandal and betrayal, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. 

This is an intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone true story tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

Review: Surj 

OMG, where do I start with my review for "Author Anonymous?" Even before I turned the first page, I was scared, nervous and apprehensive at what may lie ahead. I mean fiction is one thing but when you step into the realm of reality, well that's something completely different. I knew this wouldn't be an easy read but nothing could have prepared me for story that unraveled. This was real and I had to keep reminding myself of that. This actually happened to these people and honestly, there were times I really struggled. I don't have hard limits when it comes to what I read and I'd say I'm pretty open minded but Victoria's story definitely gave me a run for my money!!!! In fact I'd go so far as to say, it turned me into an opinionated, judgemental arsehole!!! There I said it!!! But I dare you to get through the whole book without doing the same at least once!!! 

Life is messy, and you can't compare reality to fiction 
because you'll always wind up disappointed. 

"Author Anonymous" was brutal, raw and so darn honest and it is not for the faint hearted. This book made me want to kick, scream, punch and break things. It made me want to throw my kindle at the wall but at the same time, the heat made me want to stick my head in the freezer to cool down!!!! lol.  Victoria's story was unforgiving and relentless in the pounding of my emotions. There was no reprieve at all and there times I even had to "time out" because I was getting so wound up by what I was reading. Frustration, anger, irritation, agitation and confusion were emotions that felt like they were on a constant loop as I turned each page. The knife went in very early on but it was the constant twisting of it that left me flabbergasted and dumbfounded!!! 

This is the thrill of a lifetime. don't turn back now. You've simply been
standing in line, but now it's time to jump on the ride of your life. 

Now for "Victoria." Victoria gave a very candid account of the events that transpired as a result of her actions and you have to take your hat of to her because more often than not, she did not paint herself in a good light. Could this happen to anyone? I guess it could. You couldn't say, "it would never happen to me" because you've never been in that situation and until you have.....!!! But like I said, it was difficult not to take sides when I saw the trail of devastation that was being created. Car crash reading... yup that is exactly what I would call this. Car crash reading in slow motion with no pause button and no rewind button to change the course of events. It happened. It was real and now I'm left to deal with the aftermath. I went to sleep with this book on my mind. I woke up with this book on my mind. "Victoria's" story is one that will definitely stay with me for a long time. 

E.K Blair did a sterling job in putting pen to paper with this one. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been but in true fashion, she gave it 110% and that is evident in the writing, the words, the emotions and the inner conflict I experienced. I will say one thing though, "Author Anonymous" was a bit of a slow start for me. There was a lot of background and scene setting given at the start and I guess I was just greedy to get to the juicy bits. I'm impatient, what can I say!! But even with that in mind, I still can't knock marks off my rating. 

"If you ever want your soul to dance in the clouds, you will at some 
point have to juggle lightening and taste the thunder." 

I know this review is garbled. I know it's a little disjointed but it's how I feel. There is so much I want to say but I can't. I can't spoil this for you.  I loved this book. I hated this book. I rated "Author Anonymous" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Review: Molly McAdams's "Show Me How (Thatch #3)."


After her first love was ripped from her grasp four years earlier, Charlie Easton was sure she would never be able to trust anyone with the shattered pieces of her heart again. That is, until Deacon Carver forces himself into her life, and makes those pieces swirl in chaos. But Charlie doesn't know how to let him in… until a stranger stumbles upon a notebook filled with her innermost secrets, and shows her how.

Deacon Carver is known for sleeping his way through the town of Thatch, as well as the surrounding cities—something he used to take pride in. But that persona has haunted Deacon ever since he decided to leave that life behind for the girl he wants more than anything: Charlie Easton.

But when another girl falls into Deacon's life, allowing him to be himself without judgment for his past, will their conversations hinder his relationship with Charlie … even if he's never seen her? 

Review: Jo 

This was another gorgeous tale from Molly McAdams. I loved it so much that I devoured it in one day. "Show Me How" was a truly beautiful story that made me swoon like crazy and left my heart bursting at the seams. 

"I'd never been haunted by a girl the way you haunt me, Charlie Easton." 

When it came to love, poor Charlie Easton had suffered an awful experience that had left it almost impossible for her to trust and unwilling to giver her heart away so easily again. Charlie was adamant that the next boy that she fell in love with was going to be someone special. Charlie longed for a real life Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet and she was not going to settle for anything less. Charlie had set her standards extremely high, but when I learned of her past heartbreak, I couldn't blame her at all. Deacon was the exact opposite of the kinda guy that Charlie needed in her life. An eternal playboy with a dislike for love, children and any kind of commitment. In fact, Deacon didn't even believe in love so when Charlie reenters his world, there was no way in a million years that anyone could envision the pair together. He just did not appear to be the man for Charlie. 

"This is usually the part of the book where the hero kisses the girl."
"I don't know how to be that hero, Charlie Girl." 

I absolutely loved watching this story play out. As soon as I began reading, I found myself feeling sorry for Charlie. She was a sweet girl who had been treated so badly. When I first met Deacon, my opinion of him was quite low. His attitude made me angry, however as the story progressed, I was soon changing my mind. By the time that I reached the second half, I was rooting for him every step of the way. I adored the change in Deacon and seeing what was happening between him and Charlie melted my heart. The more that I read, the more I fell for Deacon. By the end, I was madly in love with him. 

"Don't give me your heart, Charlie Girl. 
I'll break it without even trying." 

Although I loved both of the main characters in this book, it was a secondary character that completely owned my heart. Kieth was the most delightful character and he kept me entertained throughout the entire story. Seeing the relationship that formed between Keith and Deacon gave me so much joy. For me, Keith was the character that stole the show. 

Charlie and Deacon's story was the most perfect way to conclude the series and Molly finished it off with a stunning epilogue that was the icing on the cake. I have loved everything about this final instalment. If you are in need of a book that will fill your heart with happiness, look no further. Go and one-click this beautiful story. I am certain that you will not be disappointed. 

"I loved the way he loved me, even if he didn't realize it." 

"Show Me How" gets 4.5 hearts from me. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Review: Monica Murphy's "Daring the Bad Boy (Endless Summer)."


Truth or Dare was never this much fun...

Annie McFarland is sick of being a shy nobody. A session at summer camp seems like the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself—gain some confidence, kiss a boy, be whoever she wants to be. A few days in, she’s already set her sights on über-hottie Kyle. Too bad her fear of water keeps her away from the lake, where Kyle is always hanging out. 

Jacob Fazio is at Camp Pine Ridge after one too many screw-ups. Junior counseling seems like punishment enough, but the rigid no-fraternizing-with-campers rules harsh his chill. When a night of Truth or Dare gets him roped into teaching Annie how to swim, she begs him to also teach her how to snag Kyle. 

Late-night swim sessions turn into late-night kissing sessions...but there’s more on the line than just their hearts. If they get caught, Jake’s headed straight to juvie, but Annie’s more than ready to dare him to reveal the truth.


This was a sweet little romance that was perfect for this time of year. It was a tale full of first's - First crush, first kiss and first love. A YA story that melted my heart and was a refreshing change from the books that I had been previously reading. I would recommend this one if you are looking for a cute and easy to read book to while away a sunny afternoon. 

"I wanted to do the right thing. But I also wanted Annie. 
When did I ever do the right thing?" 

The heroine of the story had an adorable name to match her adorable personality. Annie was the slightly nerdy, good girl about to go on her first ever summer camp. Annie was desperately in need of some excitement in her young life and was hoping that summer camp would be the way to go. Jake was the boy with a rebellious streak, sent to camp as punishment and as a way to change his bad boy behaviour. I will always love a bad boy/good girl story and this one did not disappoint. 

"You can't fight fate. We were meant to be, Annie." 

Monica Murphy writes this YA romance perfectly. Full of innocence and gentle love between the two main characters. I enjoyed watching Jake and Annie's budding romance develop, although I did have to keep reminding myself of their ages and why the relationship was so slow-building. My favourite part of the story was the last few chapters, I was delighted with the way everything came together for Jake and Annie and I ended the story with a huge grin on my face. 

"I'd break the rules for you." 

If you love YA, you are sure to love this one. 

"Daring the Bad Boy" gets 3.5 hearts from me.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Review: Colleen Hoover's "It Ends with Us."
Amazon UK:


Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She’s come a long way from the small town in Maine where she grew up—she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. So when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily’s life suddenly seems almost too good to be true.

Ryle is assertive, stubborn, maybe even a little arrogant. He’s also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily. And the way he looks in scrubs certainly doesn’t hurt. Lily can’t get him out of her head. But Ryle’s complete aversion to relationships is disturbing. Even as Lily finds herself becoming the exception to his “no dating” rule, she can’t help but wonder what made him that way in the first place.

As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan—her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened.

Review: Surj

Colleen Hoover writes books that are worth their weight in gold and her massive fan base plus the fact that she has hit every list going with every new book she has brought out is a clear reflection of that. Her stories are just brilliant and so unique with characters that you cannot help but take to your heart. But I think one thing that really stands out with this author is that you just never know what you're going to get next and that couldn't be more true than with her latest release "It Ends with Us." Wow, just wow. I really was not expecting that at all. I'm seriously blown away with what I've just read. 

Fifteen seconds. That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person.
Fifteen seconds that we’ll never get back.

When it comes to "It Ends with Us," Colleen Hoover wrote about a subject matter close to home. She write about something that not only affected her but affected her whole family. It was (at times) pretty hard hitting and I cannot even imagine how difficult it must of been for her to put pen to paper but she did and in such an open, honest and very candid way, so much so that I could feel every single emotion she went through right down to my very soul. 

There is no such thing as bad people. 
We're all just people who sometimes do bad things. 

I went through such a myriad of emotions as I lived and breathed Lilly's story but every single one of them was valid for the story that was being told. I put myself in Lilly's shoes constantly and questioned what I would do and for the most, I felt confusion, pain and hurt because I had no idea what I would do. It is so easy to be a fly on the wall and pass judgement or have an opinion but until you live through certain situations, you cannot even begin comprehend what others may be going through. 

"It ends with Us" was beautiful yet heart breaking. It was uplifting yet (at times) soul destroying. There were so many moments I felt this author's wonderful sense of humour seep through the pages (often at the most importune times) but it helped lighten the load and more importantly, it kinda just fit. I laughed and giggled right alongside Lilly and the other characters but equally there were moments my heart felt like a lead weight in my chest, the pressure building constantly at what I was reading. 

"In the future... if by some miracle you ever find yourself 
in the position to fall in love again... fall in love with me."

"I absolutely loved the way It Ends with Us" was told. Yet again, Colleen Hoover picked a very different and unique way to get certain parts of this story across to her readers. Couple that with her quirky writing style and her lovable characters, and this really was an addictive, compelling read. 

“It stops here. With me and you. It ends with us.” 

This really was another fantastic addition to the works of Colleen Hoover and I rated it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Review: K.I. Lynn's "Release (Breach #3.5)."


After the Happily Ever After... 

Nathan and Lila have been through a lot, and after battling many of their demons, are finally free. 

Able to live again. 

At least, that is how it should be. 

Life without running isn't as simple as it seems. What do you do when the treadmill stops? 

Follow them on their journey to finding themselves and their future.

Review: Jo 

I have been waiting for this final instalment in the "Breach" series ever since I finished "Reciprocity." This series is one of my all time favourites and I fell crazy in love with Nathan Thorne and his dirty mouth! I couldn't wait to catch up with both Nathan and Lila so this was an instant one-click, and thankfully I was not disappointed with how K.I. Lynn concluded the story. 

"It started with two broken people, and ended with a love worth dying for."

First off, I liked that this book began with a bit of recap into what had happened so far in Nathan and Lila's world. It had been so long since my last visit to this series so I found the rundown extremely helpful. As soon as I started to read, I found that I was soon remembering the story and how I had left Nathan and Lila with their HAE. Now it was my chance to discover what was up next for one of my favourite book couple's 

"So much time had spent running, 
but what did you do when the treadmill stopped?" 

I loved that K.I. Lynn gave me an extended epilogue with this final novella. This instalment jumped from year to year to enlighten me to what the future held for Nathan and Lila. I thoroughly enjoyed finding out how life was turning out for the pair. It was good to know that, despite the years, Nathan and Lila were still hopelessly in love with each other. If you have loved this series, I would recommend one-clicking this last part of the story. I adored spending a few hours with the sexy couple for one last time. 

"There was no more pain, no more fear, 
only love and happiness. Forever." 

"Release" gets 3.5 hearts from me. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Review: Lisa Renee Jones "Hard Rules (Dirty Money #1)."

Amazon UK:


Wall Street meets the Sons of Anarchy in the smoldering, scorching first novel in the explosively sexy new Dirty Money series from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

How bad do you want it?

The only man within the Brandon empire with a moral compass, Shane Brandon is rea:dy to take his family's business dealings legitimate. His reckless and ruthless brother, Derek wants to keep Brandon Enterprises cemented in lies, deceit, and corruption. But the harder Shane fights to pull the company back into the light, the darker he has to become. Then he meets Emily Stevens, a woman who not only stirs a voracious sexual need in him, but becomes the only thing anchoring him between good and evil.

Emily is consumed by Shane, pushed sexually in ways she never dreamed of, falling deeper into the all-encompassing passion that is this man. She trusts him. He trusts her, but therein lies the danger. Emily has a secret, the very thing that brought her to him in the first place, and that secret that could that destroy them both.

Review: Surj 

"Hard Rules" is my first read by Lisa Renee Jones and I have to say, it definitely won't be the last. This was such a fabulous beginning to what looks to be quite the explosive series. In fact, as I read Shane and Emily's story, I couldn't help but be reminded of so many 80's prime time American tv soap opera's. You know, the likes of Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest etc where money made the world go around but the one thing it never brought was happiness!!! Yup, "Hard Rules" was about the Brandon Family Empire, the wealth that came with it and the evil that followed it around, trying to bring about it's downfall. This was about a family at war. It was about good versus bad. It was about right versus wrong. There was so much corruption, so many double crossings and so many lies and this was amongst people that were supposed to love one another. Oh the joys of family. If ever there was a fucked up family, this was definitely it!!! 

"You want to be God. I, on the other hand, prefer the fires of hell.”

When I initially began reading "Hard Rules", It did take me a bit to get into it and the main reason for this is that there were a couple of themes that ran central in this book that had also ran pretty central in the book I had just finished. I'm not saying these books were the same, not at all but more that sense of familiarity that washed over me, that sense of de-ja-vous made me feel like I'd read Emily and Shane's story before. However, that feeling did not last long and the further I read, the more my mind boggled when trying to work out the secrets, lies and deception. There were so many links, so many alliances and so many allegiances but how strong were these? Was anyone loyal or did everyone have a hidden agenda? 

She’s a drug I could easily call an addiction when I don’t have any addictions.

Emily's character was one shrouded in mystery. Who was this girl and what (if anything) was she running from. She had secrets, that much I knew for sure and I couldn't wait to get to the bottom of what she was hiding. As for Shane, well now he was quite the hot, alpha, sex on legs multi-millionaire but for once, it appeared he was all about doing good. Unfortunately he had been dragged into the underbelly of his family empire, caught between a rock and hard place and there were so many times I wondered how/ if he would ever come out on top or if the black sludge that tarred the Brandon family name would pull him under, leaving him to drown. 

He deepens the kiss, kissing me like I have never been kissed. 
I am his next breath and I have never been anyone’s next breath.

I loved this epic introduction to the "Dirty Money" series. It was intriguing, captivating and sexy as hell. And yes, there was a cliff hanger which of course has left me dying to get my mitts on the second book... next year.... seriously???? I'm sure the wait will be worth it though. 

I rated "Hard Rules" ❤️❤️❤️❤️