Thursday, 21 September 2017

Review: Kimberly Adams "First."
Amazon UK:


It was 1990, and we were tying yellow ribbons around old oak trees. 

And we were waiting. 

The time I’d spent with Grant Butler was stolen. Each moment between us only fueled our need for each other. He was older, and forbidden by my parents. 

And then he was gone. 

Grant wrote to me from Saudi Arabia, and in his very first letter, he asked me to marry him. In his last letter, he promised to hold me in his arms on my graduation day. 

His last letter ended in forever. 

As I tried to move on with my life, I was consumed each day with the memories of a ghost... 

Of my young love. My first love. 

On August 26th, 1997, he was finally found... 
but I'd already lost him. 

This is the story of our life.... and it's only just begun.

Review: Surj & Jo 

Jo: No matter what I write in this review, it will not be enough to explain how epic this book was. It was simply in a league of its own. Nothing could prepare me for how much I felt during this story. It was breathtakingly beautiful, it was tragic, it was outstanding and by the time I finished the last page, I was a wreck. I was left desperate to share this phenomenal book with my book friends and I begged Surj to read it as soon as possible. I knew that she would love it equally as much as me.

"I wanted to be his. Only his.
 I wanted Grant like I’d never wanted anything in my entire life".

Surj: Jo, you're so right. I don't think there are enough words to do this book justice. This was just the most beautifully broken love story that I know will be added to a very small list of books that will continue to affect me in years to come. I know that whether it be weeks, a few months or even five years, if I open up Kimberly Adams "First" to any page, I will be overcome with emotions, my throats suddenly feeling like it's closing and I know without a shadow of a doubt the tears will fall. Grant and Annie's story truly was unforgettable. See, even now writing this review my heart feels so heavy yet so full at the same time. I am so envious of people that have yet to read it because lucky them, they get to experience this wonderful story for the first time. Gah, I wish I could have a ground hog day!!!

"I didn’t know if it was possible to fall in love at barely sixteen years old, 
but I was. I did. With Grant".

Jo: You just took the words right out of my mouth, Surj! Lol. Annie and Grants relationship was something special. They were true soulmates, sharing a connection so deep it was impossible not to get swept up in their romance. I loved their fierce love for one another so much. Annie's feelings transported me back to my own experiences of that giddy first love feeling and Grant, Wow!! He was such a gorgeous book boyfriend. So easy to fall head over heels in love with. 

“How’d we know that we could dance together, but not with anyone else? 
Or that we could kiss upside down, and fall in love in just a couple days? I don’t know,” 

Surj: I think the reason this book made such an impression on us was the fact that so much of Annie and Grant's story was like a trip down memory lane. So much of it was just so relatable. It was almost like we were transported back to our younger years. Oh young love Jo, how wonderful it made us feel. That first crush, first boyfriend, first kiss, first love.... just "first" everything. Our hearts and minds took such a journey with this couple as we were swept away by their beautiful yet devastating love story. I guess that's why it was so easy to fall in love with Annie and Grant. 

"I’d let him consume my entire world. 
My every thought was him, my every plan, my every breath".

Jo: We don't want to say anything more about the story because it's one that you need to feel for yourself. But trust us when we is say that this love story will leave a mark on your heart that will never be erased. It was truly stunning and in all the years that we have been reading, we don't think we've shed so many tears over a book. It is an absolute must read. 

"When your life is about to change, there is a silence that surrounds you. An eerie calm. Just as the birds quiet their singing before a storm, your heart fails to beat just enough to formally stop and start your path all over again. A redirection".

Surj: we could honestly gush about this book all day, whether it be about the story, the characters or the impeccable writing that captured so much raw emotion. But we are going to quit while we're ahead and before we let some of the story slip. As Jo said, pick up this book. You won't be disappointed.

This was hands down one of the easiest 5 hearts we've ever given. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Review: Kendall Ryan's "Dirty Little Secrets (Forbidden Desires #1)."


She’s much too innocent for me, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the sweet, young librarian. I’m dominating and possessive, and my control streak runs a mile wide. 

The way she looks at me—like I’m one of the heroes in the books she loves, like I’m broken, and she wants to be the one to piece me back together—it only complicates things further. I’m nobody’s hero. 

But there’s no denying my tragic past reads like one of her favorite literary classics. It’s raw. Visceral. Captivating. And together, we’re a perfect mess. 

How can I resist when the sexual sparks zapping between us set me on fire? The need to control, and claim her force my walls to come tumbling down, but when she learns about my dirty little secret, will my world come crashing down with it?

Review: Jo 

I hadn't read a Kendall Ryan book in way too long, so when I saw this one, I couldn't wait to dive in. Yet again, this author did not disappoint. Kendall has delivered a book that I loved. Now, I just have to try and wait patiently for book two in the series. I cannot wait to see what happens next. "Dirty Little Secret" was a fantastic read with a story that had me gripped every step of the way.

"She was a classic girl-next-door type. 
A walking wet dream. 
Someone I had no right to desire, but I wanted all the same." 

Sweet librarian, Emma had spent months crushing on the deliciously sexy, Gavin and finally plucked up the courage to do something about her attraction. What happened from then on was a passionate and steamy romance between the pair. I loved when things were heating up for Emma and Gavin but there was also moments that had me wanting to throw something at Gavin. He had so many good qualities but equally a lot of bad points and I wouldn't have blamed Emma if she had turned her back on Gavin. His constant push and pull towards Emma drove me insane. 

"This isn't one of your storybooks. I never promised you a happy ending."

Thankfully, things did improve for Emma and Gavin and I adored what was happening before me, however I quickly realised that the author was lulling me into a false sense of security. Just as I was beginning to feel hopeful for the sexy couple, a twist was thrown in to make my heart stop. OMG!! The ending to this book just about killed me! I really wasn't expecting it to finish up in the way that it did. I'm left desperate for the next book. Thank goodness I only have to wait until next month.

"This moment...this woman? It was everything."

If you love a sexy, domineering alpha in your story and don't mind a cliffhanger ending, this is a book that you won't be able to resist. 

"Dirty Little Secret" gets 4 hearts from me.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Review: Meredith Wild & Chelle Bliss's "Misadventures of a City Girl (Misadventures #1)."


Fresh off a divorce from a Hollywood hotshot, Madison Atwood needs an escape. With the paparazzi fresh on her heels and her love life splashed on every tabloid, she runs away to a swanky retreat in Northern California. Avalon Springs is the mountainside haven she needs to find herself again. 

Luke Dawson lives off the grid, preferring solitude to society. When he finds a beautiful woman soaking in the hot springs on his property, he can’t stop himself from watching her. She captures his attention, but she’s just a city girl—a beautiful distraction disturbing the peace he’s settled here to find. 

When Madison discovers Luke’s secluded cabin, he can’t turn her away again. They make no promises. Madison needs to feel wanted again, and Luke misses the touch of a woman. But when mother nature has other plans, they’re forced to spend more than a night of passion together. Can Luke say goodbye to the only woman who’s made him feeling anything in years, and can Madison leave behind the man who brought her back to life?

Review: Jo 

This was a book that didn't immediately grab me, however after the first few chapters things changed a hell of a lot and I was loving the story of Madison and Luke. I couldn't have been happier with the way it played out. I loved "Misadventures of a City Girl." 

"Say yes to me, Madison, and mean it. 
Then all you'll feel is me worshipping you." 

Newly divorced, Madison decided to spend some much needed time away at a spa retreat. This is where she meets country recluse Luke and things became hot very quickly. Soon Madison forgot all about her ex-husband and was starting a new and exciting romance with Luke. I liked Madison but Luke wasn't a character that I immediately swooned over. For me, a grouchy hermit with an overgrown beard didn't sound at all attractive, so I think that's why it took me a while to become invested in the story and in Madison and Luke's relationship. Luckily, I continued to read on and a few chapters in and everything changed as I realised how freakin' gorgeous Luke turned out to be. He was both deliciously sexy and utterly dreamy. Who would have thought such a gorgeous man was lying underneath that rugged introvert. 

"When I let him inside me, I didn't expect he'd get this close to my heart." 

The relationship between Madison and Luke was on fire. They were red hot together and I loved every single minute of their sexcapes. They also shared a bucket load of swoon-worthy romance, so as you can easily see, this book turned out to be a fantastic standalone read which I highly recommend. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. 

"Loving Madison has become the sole reason for my existence." 

"Misadventures of a City Girl" gets 4 hearts from me.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Review: Sawyer Bennett's "Wicked Fall (The Wicked Horse #1)."
Amazon UK:


Never in your wildest dreams could you begin to imagine all the filthy and depraved things that go on inside The Wicked Horse. Step inside and Woolf Jennings will make every one of your dirty fantasies come true.

He’s covered in a facade of deception. An enticing blend of multi-millionaire and hot-as-hell Wyoming rancher, those that think they know Woolf Jennings admire his abilities to preside as CEO of his family’s cattle and oil empire. But only a privileged few truly understand what fuels the glitter of depravity in those gorgeous blue eyes. Only a few know he’s opened up a sinfully erotic and private sex club named The Wicked Horse right at the base of the beautiful Teton Mountain range.

Sweet Callie Hayes has returned home to Wyoming and is looking forward to starting her life over again. After a night of impetuosity, she’s managed to put herself right in Woolf’s line of sight… the man who she foolishly offered up her virginity to years ago and was flatly turned down. 

Now Woolf is seeing that Callie is all grown up and has a kinky side to her that leaves him as confused as it does turned on. Worse yet, both Callie’s dirty desires and sweet heart are getting under his skin, and making Woolf question everything he’s ever believed about himself.

Review: Surj 

Sawyer Bennett's "Wicked Fall," this book was wicked by name and so so wicked by nature. I was in the mood for a smutty read when I downloaded this as a freebie and honestly, it didn't disappoint. Woolf and Callie's story was sexy as sin and was definitely a toe curler. This was one of those books where I needed a lot of freezer time to cool myself down. But there was more to "Wicked Fall" than sex. The plot was one that was simple but executed brilliantly and I was hooked from the get go. Actually, was it simple? When is a second chance romance ever simple when there's a secret sex club involved? lol!!! 

No, I don't want to nibble at life. I want to take a big fucking bite, 
suck down its juiciness, and swallow it hard with a moan.

I loved the characters I met in this first book in the Wicked Horse series. Woolf Jennings was an alpha, kinky cowboy... I mean come on ladies, that right there is enough to make you go weak at the knees! Oh and he really knew how to take control in the bedroom. Callie was a woman who had lost her way a little and was on a journey to discovering who she wanted to be. The old "Callie" had been sweet, innocent and naive. The new Callie wanted to experience new things and live a little. She was feisty and gutsy and although her confidence wavered occasionally, it was all about moving forward for her. The chemistry between Woolf and Callie was (as you can imagine) explosive and some of those scenes was just soooo HOT!!!! And "That" scene in the cabin... holy hell fire, that really was something else. Yup, great story and fab leading characters. 

"I'm going to hell.
I'm going to hell.
I'm going to hell.
I don't fucking care."

But let's not forget the secondary characters. They also made their mark on me and I cannot wait to read their stories. I got an insight in Cain's book through the epilogue and I think it's going to be another scorcher. Then of course there's Bridger. Now that is a story I reckon will be epic. It's Bridger after all and from what I've seen of this man, he has a whole lot of history that I cannot wait to get an insight into. 

Ok, so as much as Ioved this book, there is one thing that let it down (in my opinion). The ending felt so rushed and I was a little gutted. I wanted more oomph. A little bit more fight maybe but things seemed to get tied up pretty quickly and before I knew it, I hit the epilogue. 

Want to have a romantic seduction by a stranger? I’ll make it happen. 
Want to get fucked by three well-hung cowboys? I’ll make that happen too. 
Want to do it all while being watched? Easy as fucking pie.

Overall, a fab read and I am completely invested in this series and cannot wait for "Wicked Lust." This one gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️.25

Friday, 8 September 2017

Review: Kristen Ashley's "The Time In Between (Magdalene # 3)."


After a painful loss, Cady Moreland is coming to Magdalene to start the next chapter of her life. A chapter that began eighteen years ago but had a heartbreaking ending. The time in between was full of family and friendship, but Cady could never get the man she fell in love with all those years ago out of her heart.

Coert Yeager has learned to live without the girl who entered his life right when she shouldn’t and exited delivering a crippling blow he never would have suspected. The time in between was full of failing to find what he was missing…and life-altering betrayal.

But when that girl shows up in Magdalene and buys the town’s beloved lighthouse, even if Coert wants to avoid her, he can’t. A fire in town sparks a different kind of flame that won’t be ignored.

As Cady and Coert question the actions of the two young adults they once were thrown into earth-shattering circumstances, can they learn from what came in between and find each other again?

Review: Surj & Derna

Surj: Kristen Ashley's "The time In Between," where do we even begin with this review? In terms of love stories, this has got to be up there with our all time favourites. I mean this author put so much heart, soul and passion into Coert and Cady's story that we lived and breathed every single second of it from the first word to that epilogue that left us utterly speechless. Think "The Notebook" meets Hallmark movies meets every other book or movie that ripped your heart out, toyed with it and then very slowly pieced it back together bit by bit and you may get an inkling of how this book affected us. 

Eighteen years ago Coert and I fell together against all odds. 
Then it ended. And neither of us got over it.

Derna: Oh it definitely affected us. And let's not forget that this was a second chance romance too and we absolutely love those. 

So let's talk Coert and Cady. Wow what a couple. Theirs was a love that was so deep that it had made it impossible for them to let go. They had so much history and not all of it good. There was a lot of pain, anger and unresolved questions between them and my heart ached for them during the first part of the book. 

“Stick with me. Believe in me, Cady. Even if you don’t know what I’m asking. 
I’m still gonna ask it. Don’t give up no matter what.” 

Surj: Oh boy the first half of the book really did a number on us when it came to our emotions. That sense of utter devastation, tragedy and loss left us feeling so helpless when it came to the characters we very quickly came to grow and love, that lump in our throats ever present as we read what felt like a slow motion car crash unravel before our very eyes. 

Derna: Our hearts went out to both characters but especially for Cady because wow, Coert was harsh at times. He delivered some low blows but luckily, when all was revealed, he really did redeem himself, pulling out all the stops and making up for lost time. We just love a man who isn't afraid to admit to his mistakes. 

Court felt his lips twitching. "Terminally in love?"
He heard the smile in her voice when she replied.
"Well, you kinda died for all women when you met her."

Surj: For us "The Time In Between" was a book of two halves, the first half was about the past and unresolved issues but the second half was like all of our christmases coming all at once. We read a few reviews where readers felt that the book could and should have finished at the half way mark. For us, we were thrilled that we got more. So much more. So many times, we've read books where we've connected to the characters to such a degree that we've been desperate to know what happened to them after they got their HEA. Well, KA gave that to us. There were a few twists and turns because even the perfect of relationships are never plain sailing but we adored Coert and Cady making up for lost time. 

Derna: Oh and that epilogue.... OMG we adored it. It was a long one which was full of detail and left us knowing what had happened to some of our favourite secondary characters too. And last but not least, rock chick fans like ourselves will be very happy as KA let's us see what had been happening in their lives too. I love and miss the Rock Chick Ladies and their alpha men.

“He finally looked into her eyes. “I loved you and I made you live a hell.”
“I loved you and I was happy to be in that hell if you were there with me.”

Surj: This really was such a perfect ending to such an amazing series. We have loved every single book and are absolutely gutted our time in Magdalene has come to an end. Or has it???? No doubt we will rub shoulders with the town's folk at some point in the future in another one of KA's series. We can't wait. "The Time In-between" really was an epic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ read. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Review: Carian Cole's "Torn (Devil's Wolves #1)."


He’s loved me since the day I was born. 
He’s taken care of me. 
He’s awakened me. 

Tor. My father’s best friend. 
Fifteen years older than me, he’s always been my protector. 
The one I should never, ever want. 
But I was born to be his. 

She’s always loved me. 
She’s shattered me. 
She’s healed me.

Kenzi. My best friend’s daughter. 
I held her the day she was born, and I never let go. 
She’s forbidden to me. But she’s the only one that really gets me. 
We’re slowly being torn apart by everything we love. 
Everything we want. 
Everything we desire. 

And now I want the one thing I can’t have... I want her.

Review: Jo 

"One forbidden touch, one taboo kiss, and we destroyed who we were." 

It's not very often that I recommend a reader to check out the synopsis before reading a book, but with "Torn" it is an absolute MUST! I always prefer to go in blind with my books, so I was not prepared for the taboo element in this novel. I usually enjoy a tale of forbidden love, however this novel pushed my comfort zone to the maximum and it took me a while before I became invested in Tor and Kenzi's story. Even then I found it difficult to shake off the uncomfortable feeling that refused to leave me. 

"I have no past without him, and no future without him. 
Quite simply, he is my world." 

Despite my apprehension about Tor and Kenzi's love, I decided to continue as I thought that the story was well written and I was intrigued to see it play out. Tor and Kenzi had known each other since Kenzi was born. Tor was the best friend of Kenzi's parents so he was always around to watch her grow up. The story begins when kenzi was seventeen and Tor was in his thirties. This is when the pair's feelings for each other began to grow into something more and the forbidden tale began. I didn't mind the age gap between Tor and Kenzi and I didn't find any issue with Tor being a close family friend, it was the fact that Tor was Kenzi's godfather which for me, pushed the boundaries a little too far. It made me feel all kinds of awkward. At least nothing happened between the pair until Kenzi was eighteen, otherwise the story would have crossed the line for me. Kenzi was then an adult and able to make her own choices. 

"I'm not sure which one of us moved or if we moved at the same time. 
All I know is I don't want to ever move again." 

I did really like the characters, especially Tor. He was such a kind and caring man, with a passion for rescuing abandoned animals, he made it impossible not to fall for him. Tor truly wanted the best for Kenzi and I had no doubt that he loved her with all of his heart. Kenzi was extremely mature for her age and wanted nothing more than to settle down and have children, which is exactly what Tor wanted. They were both on the same page and with the deep connection that Tor and Kenzi shared, it seemed like they were meant for each other. 

"...I can feel without a shadow of a doubt our bodies and hearts were made to be together, 
like scattered puzzle pieces needing to be put back together." 

If you can see past the taboo factor, Tor and Kenzi's story did turn out to be a sweet romance that I enjoyed. At some point, I would like to read the other books from this series, but this one can also be read as a standalone, if a series is not for you. 

"All that matters is you are my forever. You always have been. You always will be." 

"Torn (Devil's Wolves #1)" gets 4 hearts from me.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Release Tour: L.P Dover & Heidi McLaughlin's "Play Room (Society X #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be part of the Release Tour for L.P Dover & Heidi McLaughlin's "Play Room (Society X #3)."
Amazon UK:


The rules of Society X are simple . . . break them and you're out.
Rule #1 - No names
It doesn't matter if you want to know, it's forbidden.
Rule #2 - No exchanging numbers
It doesn't matter if you want to call, it's forbidden.
Rule #3 - Everything is to remain strictly anonymous.
It doesn't matter if you want to tell, it's forbidden.
Whatever your desire.
Whatever your fetish.
The Play Room is the place to go.
For Alexandria Miller, it’s a chance to express herself, to embrace her hidden passions.
For Kai Robicheau, being in the club brings out who he truly is.
What happens in the Play Room will have you aching for more . 

Review: Jo 

After reading and loving the previous book from the "Society X" series, I was eagerly awaiting for this one to land on my kindle and as soon as it did, I dived right in. I had high hopes for another fabulous read and I'm so happy that my expectations were met. L.P Dover & Heidi McLaughlin have delivered a brilliant addition to this smokin' hot series. "Play Room" contained the perfect balance of heat and heart. It was filled to the brim with steamy sex scenes and dreamy romance that made my heart skip-a-beat. 

"I have her in my arms and there isn't any other place I'd rather be." 

The story of Alex and Kai began at Society X, an exclusive adults only club that is jam packed with kinky things to do. You can imagine how red hot the scenes were from this kindle was on fire!! I loved how Alex and Kai's relationship started out and I was excited to see the development of their story. It was impossible for me to predict how it would play out and move away from the club, but I couldn't wait to find out. Although, I was feeling a little apprehensive about things going wrong for the pair as I truly didn't want anything to stand in the way for Alex and Kai. They made such a great couple. 

"Let's skip dinner, You can eat me instead." 

I easily became invested in Alex and Kai. They were both such likeable characters. Alex was so sweet and lovely and deserved a gorgeous man in her life and Kai fitted that part extremely well. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about him whatsoever. I loved everything about Kai, the way that he treated Alex made my heart melt. I adored how quickly he fell for her and he made me swoon over and over again. Girls, you are going to love this man!! 

"I believe I'm falling in love with you, Alex. 
All I ever think about is you and of the next moment
 we're going to be together." 

"Play Room" really was a fantastic read. It was so good that I often found it difficult to put my kindle down, even when I knew that I should be going to sleep, I still continued to read. I'm not sure if this is the last book from the "Society X" series, but I would happily read more. If you are looking for a series that is the perfect combination of sex and romance, this one is well worth the read, however each book can also be read as a standalone,  so no need to worry if you've missed books one and two. 

I loved Alex and Kai's story and it gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.



“Alexandria, this is Jared from Society X. How are you?”

I gasp and look around, hoping like hell the woman beside me couldn’t hear. “Yes, hi. I’m doing good. You?” Grabbing my bottle of water, I hurry off the stair climber to a vacant corner across the room.

“Can’t complain. I’m calling because I have a proposition you might be interested in. You put in your application that you’re open to anything. Is that correct?”

My cheeks burn like fire. “Yeah, I guess so. What exactly is this proposition?”

He clears his throat. “I have a client who has particular tastes, or fetishes if you prefer. His partner can’t make it tonight, and I need to fill that spot.”

Swallowing hard, my heart races. I’m nervous just hearing him talk about it. “What will I have to do?”

“You, absolutely nothing. All you’ll have to do is lie there on your stomach while your partner massages your backside.”

“You mean my back?” I ask.

He clears his throat again. “No, your ass.”

I don’t know what comes over me, but I burst out laughing. “You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m not.”

I hush up quickly. “I honestly didn’t know that was a thing. It’s an interesting concept.”

“Is it something you’d be interested in? You don’t have to be naked. Your upper body will be covered by a curtain so you can wear a shirt. However, below your waist, you’ll need to wear a thong.”

Keeping a straight face and not laughing is going to be the hardest part of the whole thing. How can someone get off by rubbing someone’s ass? “Sure, put me down. What time do I need to be there?” I say it before even really thinking it through.

“Eight o’clock. I’ll see you then,” Jared says.

“All right.”

We hang up, and I head straight for the gym door. There’s no way I can keep something like that a secret from my friends. Once outside, I call Dani.

“What’s up, girl?”

I rush to my car and hop inside. “You will not believe the phone call I just got.”

“What’s going on?”

I haven’t told her about being a member of Society X yet. “I kind of became a member of Society X.”

“Holy shit,” she squeals. “Seriously? Why didn’t you tell me at work today?”

Sighing, I pull out of the parking lot for home. “Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get a request so fast. My contact called me and said he had a proposition for me. And get this, it’s for the play room. The guy wants to massage my ass.”

Dani’s cackle is so loud I have to hold the phone away from my ear. “That’s priceless. Please tell me you said yes.”

I groan. “Unfortunately. What if I burst out laughing while this dude’s squeezing my butt cheeks?”

Dani’s laughing so hard I’m surprised she can even breathe. “I don’t know what to say. This is too funny. What kind of freak gets off on someone’s ass?”

“Obviously, the man I’m about to give my ass to.” I’m starting to think I made a mistake accepting the proposition. At least, I’ll have a good story to tell later. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, chickee. I want all the details.”

On the way home, I glance at myself in the mirror. What the hell am I doing?

Meet the Authors:

Heidi McLaughlin’s Bio:

Heidi is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup and a Highland West/Mini Schnauzer, JiLL and her brother, Racicot.

When she's isn't writing one of the many stories planned for release, you'll find her sitting court-side during either daughter's basketball games.

Heidi's first novel, Forever My Girl, will be in theaters on October 27, 2017, starring Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe.

L.P. Dover’s Bio:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes and white water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, and her standalone novel Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.